Ep. 115: Kerry-Ann Reid Brown – Using Your Own Flair to Help Others Chase Their Dreams

Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown is a Jamaican-born, NYC-based, Caribbean influencer and the founder of Carry On Friends. Carry On Friends is a platform that provides content and programming to support the development and success of Caribbean-Americans in corporate work and entrepreneurship. She hosts the Carry On Friends Podcast, one of the first podcasts to solely feature Caribbean-American entrepreneurs and business professionals. The podcast had been featured as an editor’s choice in iTunes under the categories “Black Voices in Business” and the “Black Experience” collection. 

“When your hand is in the lion’s mouth . . .”

What do you do when someone else holds the power over your situation? Kerry-Ann has a Jamaican quote that sums up her experience in an immigrant family that faced challenges and extreme adjustments in chasing their dreams in the US. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation beyond your control and you must take the time to change things slowly. Kerry-Ann shares some of the courageous actions her mother took to keep her family together and bring them safely to America.

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Figuring it out:

Have you been in the place of not being understood? Kerry-Ann was a young person of color working in the corporate world, trying hard to figure out proper behavior and how to be understood. At each level of achievement, she faced challenges, especially the challenges of the American work culture, which differed from her homeland of Jamaica.

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Just be YOU:

We’ve all felt it, haven’t we? The pressure of trying to be “someone else.” Kerry-Ann has learned to cater to her own audience because they are unique for specific reasons. She shares that we all need to find compassion for ourselves and allow ourselves the time we need. Her advice is to be in the space to chase YOUR dreams and “just be YOU.”

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Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take—“Write it down and make it visible. Time stamp it and go back to it. It will help you realize your greatness.”


  • [1:25] How Aimee met Kerry-Ann at Podcast Movement
  • [4:18] The experiences of being part of an immigrant family
  • [7:06] “The lion’s mouth”
  • [11:02] Dreams—as an immigrant
  • [13:02] Helping others: the inspiration for Carry On Friends
  • [21:00] The reception to Kerry-Ann’s platform
  • [26:29] Cater to YOUR audience
  • [33:30] Don’t be jealous of others
  • [37:51] Be true to yourself
  • [40:38] ONE action for a dream chaser


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TWEET: Don’t be jealous; you don’t know what others went through to get where they are. @carryonkerry

TWEET: Chase your #dreams, but most importantly, just be YOU! @carryonkerry

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