Ep. 101: Lauren Puryear – Fighting Hunger Through Extreme Couponing

Lauren Puryear is a 29-year old mental health clinician and proud mother of Isaiah. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Virginia Union University, two Master’s degrees, AND a PhD in Psychology. Lauren prides herself in giving back to her community. She is an activist, philanthropist, and an advocate for social issues across the world. Being raised in Paterson, NJ has taught Lauren the importance of giving back to her community. She started a charity organization, For the Love of Others, LLC, that helps those in need, and it’s all in honor of her grandmother, Marion Elizabeth Smith. After beating cancer twice, Lauren’s resilience and strength has been incredible! Her goal is to share her story with the world in hopes to not only raise awareness, but also to inspire!

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Chasing the Dream:

When you first had your dream, did you know exactly how you would accomplish it? Most people don’t have it all figured out in the beginning, because it takes time for the growth process to occur. For Lauren, she knew her dream was to help the homeless and hungry, but she had no idea how she could help. Since she is a woman of strong faith, she prayed for help—-and soon had her answer: extreme couponing. It’s true that where there’s a will, there really is a way. Lauren was able to feed the first 30,000 people with just $500—thanks to her couponing.

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Seeing the Bigger Picture:

Why care about hungry people? If you asked Lauren this question, she would tell you that her organization provides MUCH more than just food for empty bellies, but gives hope and positive mental health. Feeding people can prevent crime and drug addiction. It’s all about looking at the bigger picture from something small and easy like clipping coupons. We all need a dose of Lauren’s passion and positivity toward helping those around us!

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Raising Awareness:

What can ONE person do in the fight against hunger? Lauren has inspired countless others to join her in chasing her dream of feeding 60,000 people in the first year of her charity. There are so many ways to help, but Lauren wants us all to know that hunger and homelessness are NOT the same. For the Love of Others feeds people at schools, community centers, and emergency shelters, and many more could be fed if laws in the US would change regarding getting food to the hungry. Lauren is a true example of someone who lives out her mantra: “Love God, love others, and serve the world.”

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Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take—“If I can do it at 29 years of age, then anyone can. Whatever your dream is, GO FOR IT! Do it and don’t stop until you get there!”


  • [1:25] Finding time for school, motherhood, and beating cancer
  • [3:35] The original goal: feeding 30,000 through extreme couponing
  • [7:38] How this has become Lauren’s full-time work
  • [12:20] How can we help? (See Lauren’s website)
  • [14:00] How this has affected others
  • [16:50] The need is all around us and we don’t see it
  • [18:40} Two distinctive issues: hunger and homelessness
  • [19:40] Upcoming events across the country
  • [23:55] How the cooking takes place
  • [24:40] The impact
  • [26:30] Policies that govern food distribution and the need for change
  • [28:55] How to begin giving back and Lauren’s ONE action for a dream chaser to take


Lauren’s Website

Lauren on Facebook: For the Love of Others

Lauren on Instagram

Lauren on Twitter


TWEET: “#Hunger and #homelessness are two distinctive issues with some overlap.” @FTLOO_inc

TWEET: “We cannot do what we do without our community partners – can you help?” @FTLOO_inc

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