Ep. 31: Andrew Alliance – Tech, Entertainment, and Games, Oh My!

Chasing your dreams doesn’t always mean doing what you loved as a kid, but for Andrew Alliance that’s exactly what it means. Andrew grew up with a passion for video games. In fact, he wanted a Nintendo so badly, he agreed to clean his house for a week so his mother would buy him one. Since the very first game, it was true love for Andrew. He is incredibly passionate about gaming, which is how he landed gigs as Brand Ambassador for Playstation and Nintendo of America. He is the host of The Show Radio, which showcases his passion for gaming, tech, and entertainment. If you want a glimpse into following your dreams with everything you’ve got, this is the show for you.

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A passion for gaming that continued throughout his life.

It all started in 1987, when Andrew got his very first Nintendo. Since then, he’s owned just about every system out there. Andrew discovered his passion for broadcasting thanks to attending the Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn, which is known for its focus on theater and broadcasting. Since then, he has always known broadcasting was in his blood. In 2009, he decided to start podcasting using Blog Talk Radio. As soon as he started, Andrew knew he would be doing this forever. To date, The Show Radio has produced 296 episodes centering around gaming, tech, and entertainment.

Finding your niche and sticking with it.

Andrew focuses on high quality when producing his show. From detailed bullet points to follow to rehearsals, he makes sure he is on point when the show is recorded. It’s this focus on quality that Andrew is known for. He shares his particular passion for unbiased reviews and how he chooses the products and games he’ll review. Andrew focuses on things related to his areas of passion – gaming, tech, and entertainment. He also discusses the difficulties of balancing all areas of life – school, his show, family, church – so that he is fulfilled in all areas.

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Maintaining balance in a busy life.

For Andrew, his priorities are clear – his family and church come first. But he also has to make time for school (where he’s majoring in Business Marketing), his show, and – of course – gaming. Andrew shares the value of scheduling when dealing with a hectic life and how this can help you stay focused on what really matters. Scheduling things in advance, says Andrew, helps him maintain the balance he needs to be happy. He also shares with Aimee some of the reactions he gets from fans and how powerful they can be. Andrew says this is the biggest reward of what he does.

What’s next for Andrew Alliance?

When asked, “Are you satisfied with your life?” Andrew made it clear that he will never be satisfied. He is always striving for more, doing more, and aiming higher. Andrew shares some of the things he’d like to do next, including speaking gigs. He also discusses the value of constantly listening to podcasts to expand your knowledge base. In closing, Andrew shares his “one thing” with fellow Dream Chasers.

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  • [1:07] Introduction of Andrew Alliance,
  • [3:01] Understanding what it means to be a brand ambassador.
  • [3:28] When did Andrew’s love of gaming begin?
  • [4:50] Where Andrew went after his first Nintendo.
  • [7:03] When did Andrew decide to share his passion for gaming?
  • [10:04] How he got started in podcasting and how his show evolved.
  • [11:59] The frequency of Andrew’s podcast and the type of content.
  • [13:33] How Andrew decides which products he gives a review on.
  • [15:57] The structure of his show and how he transitions to different topics.
  • [19:33] How Andrew balances his show and passion for gaming with going to school and his other responsibilities.
  • [23:25] The reactions Andrew gets from fans listening to his show.
  • [25:51] How long will you keep doing this?
  • [26:54] Are you satisfied with where your life is?
  • [31:01] How Andrew focuses on quality for his show.
  • [34:58] The importance of making time for what really matters.
  • [35:45] What is one thing you would recommend to someone who is chasing their dream?


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