It CAN Wait (Texting & Driving)

It Can Wait” is a campaign devoted to educating people about the dangers of texting while driving. 

Believe it or not, there was a time when people drove without being distracted by cell phones. A time when drivers actually focused on driving. Surprising, I know. Driving while distracted isn't safe for you, those driving around you, or the people walking the streets and sidewalks.

Here's what usually happens. You think that this won't happen to you, so you go ahead and answer that phone call, read, that text you get, respond to a text, update your FB or Twitter status, or even take a photo. If you have ever thought, even for just a moment, that the reason texting and driving is dangerous is because other people don't know how to text and drive correctly and you do so nothing bad will happen when you text and drive?  Be honest with yourself, you've probably thought something along those lines. To think that nothing bad will happen to while you're texting and driving and that it is okay because YOU of all people know how to text and drive at the same time?

no. no, no, my friend

That is not how it works and don't you think that is a bit conceited and arrogant to think that way? Yes, I said it and I'm sorry if that seems a little harsh but it's true just by the definition of the words themselves. I was the same way until I came to the realization that I was being arrogant and taking a chance with the lives of people around me as I drive and for me that was sobering.

But not everyone realizes that or accepts it and therein lies the problem. Everyone who is texting and driving has that mentality and the problem is accidents are still happening! So please stop that line of thinking ASAP. Don't even think like that because it can happen to you.  Remember the adage pride goes before the fall.  People think they'll never been in an accident but unfortunately, it happens. The odds of being in an accident because of texting only increases that likelihood.  According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, studies show you are 23 times more likely to be in an accident when you text and drive. 23!!!!

Take about 2 minutes and watch the trailer for the “It Can Wait” Documentary below.

Over 100k accidents a year are because of texting while driving and it's only getting worse. Please do not put yourself in a position to become a statistic. Believe me, people could survive driving without their cell phones before, trust me when I say that you can do it too.

Please help stop texting and driving because the next generation is watching and learning from you. Teach them that you should not text and drive. ItCanWait.com has a number of stories of people and families whose lives have been affected by texting and driving. Don't become a story.

I just submitted my pledge, will you join me? Go to itcanwait.com and take the pledge! Help educate your friends and family and encourage them to say no! to texting and driving.


Check out these mobile apps which will reply to texts for you while you're driving letting them know you're driving.  Hopefully, iOS versions of these apps will be coming soon. Till then, just put your phone in your glove compartment.

Also try out the texting and driving simulator, a part of the itcanwait.com campaign.

If you got ~30 minutes, please actually watch the documentary “It Can Wait” below or come back and watch it when you have some time.

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