Arian Foster on Teaching His Daughter

When I think of football players, I think tough, manly men. It doesn't even occur to me that they can be big softies because it seems so far out of character. Then I see something that reminds me that not only are they big softies but many of them are dads and are probably even more likely to be a softie.

Arian Foster is one of those men who I always categorized as a tough guy. Then I learned better. A running back for the Houston Texans, Arian was a philosophy major in college and writes poetry. I never read any of his poems but I fell hard for his article about his daughter.

“I've thought long and hard about the values that I want to try and teach her. I'm sure this list will change as we both grow, but as of now this is what daddy wants his princess to learn from him before she tucks him away into her memory.” – Arian Foster

oprah reluctant to cry

I'm not crying. Seriously, I just have something in my eye. Go read the entire article about the six things he is going to try and teach his daughter.  I think many fathers will agree with Arian and many daughter's are appreciative that Zeniah has a father that loves her so much to want her to learn these things.

Go on. I just need a moment.

NFL Star Arian Foster: 6 Things I'll Try to Teach My Daughter

P.S. Yes, I know that it could be argued this is not a web gem, but it is one to me. 🙂

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