ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

I was challenged!

A friend of mine challenged me to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and I am not usually one to turn down a challenge as you can see below.

I nominated JP Mathew (he did it) and the Haven Fandom to complete this challenge. Good luck!
Havenites you can goto revisitinghaven.com for more information.

To anyone who does this challenge, whether by donation, dumping ice on your head, or both, I salute you.


The rules for the ice bucket challenge are pretty simple:

  • You are nominated to take the ice bucket challenge
  • To do the challenge, you dump a bucket of water with ice over yourself (within 24 hours)
    Sidenote: I guess the definition of 24 hours is debateable. It could be from when you were nominated or 24 hours from when you learn about it. I like to think the latter.
  • If you do not do the challenge, then you are asked to make a monetary donation in lieu of dumping ice water over your head.
  • Nominate a few people to continue the challenge

Personally, I am going to give a donation and dump ice water on my head because I want to help support the funding for research on a disease that still has no cure. If you want you can also do both. A if you don't want todo any of these things, then don't. The decision to participate is entirely upto you. If you cannot participate because of your financial situation or you just don't want to, no problem.

Now, I think this is a great challenge, don't get me wrong, I particpated in it, afterall.  But let's not lose the message in our excitement to challenge each other.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) (aka Lou Gherig's disease) is neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. This disease is very serious and there is no cure for it. It causes muscle weakness and atrophy to the point of removing a person's mobility.

For more information on the disease and donate to the association, please visit ALSA.org and the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

This gif does not fully convey, how I felt when I did the challenge.


See for yourself, below.

For a behind the scenes look, check out the BTS video.

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