Hitting Milestones at 9 Months

On August 21, 2013, I started this site and it has been a fun ride ever since. It was the catalyst for me to embrace my life and start doing things that I had always wanted to do but never thought I could do. My how that has changed. I went to my first comic-con last October and I'm going to the big one in July. I started podcasting, which is a lot of fun. I started a second site, revisitinghaven.com and have been posting and podcasting there as well.  And so many more things are happening that I can happily say that I am happy. 😀

barney_cheering_clappingLife is good.  9 months later, I've hit 5000+ tweets and there are over 225 Facebook likes on the FB page. How cool is that!

Now there is so much more work to be done but I'm taking a second to enjoy the moment. Kudos to all of you have supported me in the past and I hope I can continue to do things that are helpful and fun in the future.

To celebrate, check out this new layout. It's still being worked on so please excuse the construction. I figured what better time for an unveiling than now. 🙂

Once again: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Aimee J.

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