1st Impressions – Business Cards & Stationery

Don't let that be the impression people have of you!!!

When you're applying to jobs or networking with other professionals, you want to make an impression with them.  Everything you submit or give someone should be your best foot forward. One thing you may want to have available at all times is a business card. Well I took to social media and here are some sites that have come recommended by others for having business cards and other printing done.

Do your own price check and use the service that works the best for you. DO NOT get free business cards that leave the store logo anywhere on the card. You will probably have to pay to have the watermark removed. DO IT! If you leave the store logo on, the impression you leave will not be a strong one. Think of the money you pay as an investment in your future.

Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions. Of all the sites above, the most recommended one was moo.com. I'm about to go check the website out myself. 🙂

Good luck!

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