10 Reasons Why You Should Get Into Haven Before Season 4

So previously I did a post on Tumblr entitled “10 reasons to get into Haven before the Season 3 finale.” Well things happen and the post was lost from the interwebs but thankfully I have it saved on my computer. 🙂 I decided with Season 4 coming up, that I'd brush it off and update it slightly so that it's relevant for today. I got hooked on Haven last summer and I think it's only fair I share that with you now while there is still some summer left.

Here's a countdown to tell you how long you have to get your act together and marathon all 39 episodes. At the very least, if you start now watching 2 eps a day, you'll be golden. But there are still 3 weekends left and one of those is a three-day holiday weekend. 🙂 I'm just saying, plan accordingly.  And remember, friends don't let friends marathon tv shows alone.

Anyway, on with the reasons…

NOTE: There may be SPOILERS for newbies but I tried really hard to be careful. And because of that, I couldn't update a number of tags without spoilers. I think it's safe to read. These are my own top 10 and may/will differ from your own.

10.  Score Music/Soundtrack

sweet talk radio

source: songbird.me

Have you paid attention to the music that plays in the scenes during Haven? It’s so fitting and really adds something to the scenes. There is a melody that plays everytime something important related to love occurs on the show. It can first be heard in S1E1 – Welcome to Haven episode around the [40:30]min mark. Next time I go through all the eps, I want to see how many times I can hear it and which episodes. The score for the show is amazing. Hands down. It's almost like a character of the show.

Can we get a Haven soundtrack?! There have been some great songs over the seasons. You could easily put a cd together. Shoot, I have a Haven playlist, so why not? Sweet Talk Radio is featured heavily throughout the Haven seasons and their music is amazing (they also do some covers). When they sang “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” at the end of S2E6 – Audrey Parker’s Day Off, just haunting. The other song that has stayed with me is from S3E2 – Stay. The song is “A Soft Place to Land” by Kathleen Edwards.  I will never be able to hear without associating it to that scene. The lyrics matched with what was happening. Audrey didn’t tell Nathan outright she was giving up but when they were speaking in metaphor about their relationship (giving up Cookie), and you heard those lyrics at the same time…Listen, my heart broke for them both. I relive that heartache everytime I hear the song.

Haven does an amazing job of combining music to add to their scenes and episodes overall.  If you ever want to learn which song played in an episode go to TuneFind.

UPDATE:   A Haven Score Soundtrack Vol. 1 is now available on iTunes!!! Kudos to Shawn Pierce for bringing his talent to Haven. Amazing job sir.
Check it out now:  Haven Score Soundtrack Volume 1 – Shawn Pierce

9.  Duke/Audrey
duke and audreyHaven fans will always argue about who Audrey should belong with but it’s hard to argue the chemistry between these two. (Put your flames away :p). Both Duke and Audrey have rubbed off on each other. Duke has become less of a “bad guy” and helps people. Audrey doesn’t take herself too seriously when Duke is around. They both care for each other and while Duke’s affections may not be returned in the same way at the very least they are good friends. I would even venture to say that they have a brother/sister relationship. But hey, that may just be me. 🙂 However you view their relationship, it’s fun to see the two of them on screen.

8.  Duke/Nathan
nathan and dukeTalk about a bromance. These guys are the definition of a love/hate relationship. True friends who fight and get mad with each other but when the chips are down (i.e. one of them is dying), they are there.  They remind me of brothers who will mess with one another but don’t appreciate it when others try to mess with them. Two guys fighting over the same girl. The thing with Duke and Nathan is that their relationship is defined pre-Audrey and post-Audrey. Audrey’s presence has mellowed them both enough to tolerate and work with each other. I look forward to seeing if the next episode is going to bring more of the frost between them melting. Seeing them work together in episodes like S3E9 – Sarah and not just bicker is a win in my book. I'm looking forward to seeing how S4 puts these two together. What type of relationship will they have now?

7.  Troubles

haven guard tattooThe Troubles over the seasons have been wild! From controlling the weather to taking a person’s skin! Just when I think the writers can’t come up with another trouble, they find something. It’s easy to turn the show into just another X-files but I have to give it to the Haven team for not going that direction entirely. Sure there are shades of aliens and we have a mysterious barn but the Troubles are kind of like having a mutant power you’re trying to learn to control. We see not just the Trouble but how it affects those around them.  I think my favorite Trouble so far is Ginger’s Trouble where she could make people do what she wants in S3E10 – Burned. How sweet would that be?!

And if I’m talking Troubles I need to talk about the Guard. Are they good? Are they bad? They’ve been around for YEARS. Just when you think you might have the hang of who they are, everything is flipped!

6.  The Writers
audrey nathan and dukeThe storytelling on this show has been great. Of course everything isn’t perfect but I go into each episode excited to see what’s going to happen.  Over the summer, the previews for S3 were coming out and it looked like Haven was going the way of aliens. I gotta tell you I was nervous. I thought they had jumped the boat! But to turn it into a Trouble was a good move. Even the addition of other storylines like Audrey’s past and the Guard have kept Haven fresh.  I wish we could see more of the other characters like Duke, Jordan, Claire, Tommy, and the Teague brothers.

5.  Supporting Characters

haven cast season 3Over the seasons, there have been some wonderful characters outside of our main three. We’ve been lucky to have some stick around and have had to watch others go away. The casting on this show has been so spot on that when we lose these characters, it hits us. It’s almost difficult to get vested in them because you’re afraid of what could happen to them. From the Teague’s evasiveness to Claire’s no holds barred commentary to Jordan and her well-meaning nature to Dwight and his helpfulness to Tommy and his non-Haven residing innocence. The way these characters interact with each other and with the Audrey, Nathan, and Duke, make watching Haven a delight. I only wish they had more screen time. I can't say much about the new cast coming into S4 except that I'm pretty sure we'll like them. 🙂

4.  Nathan/Audrey

audrey and nathanThe pairing that has all of the fan base in constant discussion and support groups. 🙂 First season, we saw the growth of their friendship. Second season, it was the evolution of their friendship into potentially something more. Third season, it was the relationship that wasn’t “acknowledged” but that was very much present. It doesn’t matter how you saw these two, they always gave you something to talk about. What I’ve enjoyed, both the good and the bad, is the development. The banter, the looks, the honesty, and let’s be honest, they have the chemistry.

Many shows fear putting a couple together for losing interest. Some shows just don’t know how to handle writing for the couple to keep people coming back. Some shows have handled it well, CSI: NY, Nikita & Castle come to mind. Others bring them together and break them apart, and then bring them back together later on like a soap opera (no offense to soap opera fans, I am one myself). Then there are those who refuse to get them together until the show ends, which personally I think is unfair to fans and is a cop-out (I’m looking at you J.A.G.). What Haven has shown is that they aren’t afraid to embrace these two and they aren’t afraid to write for them. Knowing that makes it easier for fans. Doesn’t mean we don’t get frustrated but everything isn’t going to be roses. We just need moments.

To be honest, I enjoy the partnership and friendship the most between Nathan and Audrey. When they work together without outside tension, the show is a joy to watch. When they’re on the outs…well I still watch, but it hurts a little. These two characters bring out the best in each other.

3.  Eric Balfour/Duke Crocker

duke crockerWe are lucky to have Eric playing Duke Crocker. He delivers one-liners like no other. He’s the comedic heart of Haven. Duke can lighten the tensest of situations. But he’s not all jokes and laughs as displayed in S3E3 – The Farmer’s final scene. The emotion in that scene blows you away. Eric is an all around actor that steps up to the challenge.  Another highlight episode for me was S3E10 – Burned. I just have two words, Pirate Duke. What’s great about Duke is that he’s still trying to figure himself out just as we’re trying to figure him out. Duke pretends to be a bad guy but his marshmallow center shows. Also it doesn’t hurt that he’s eye candy for the viewers. 🙂

I know Eric has had some false starts with shows in the past but I’m glad to see that he found a home with Haven. The show would not be the same without him and I’m not sure I’d want to watch if he was gone.

2.  Lucas Bryant/Nathan Wuornos

nathan wuornosHas anyone seen Lucas Bryant in real life? He’s quite the character and the complete opposite of how Nathan is on the show. Really shows you what kind of actor he is to be able to truly become a character that is the opposite of himself.  When Nathan is able to feel someone, Lucas does an amazing job of showing us what that means to him. Your heart goes out to him in those moments.  Nathan’s a loyal and good guy when it comes down to it and is well intentioned. The highlight episode for me is S3E9 – Sarah. His scenes with Sarah and young Chief Wuornos were heart tugging.

I have to take a moment to comment on Nathan’s style evolution. From his hair to his clothes, Nathan is dressed to impress!! If you haven’t seen him in the vest, you’re missing out. It is prominently featured in S3E10 – Burned.

I had never seen Lucas Bryant on screen before this, but thank you Haven for bringing him to our attention.

1.  Emily Rose/Audrey Parker (Lucy Ripley/Sarah Vernon)

audrey parker

Emily Rose caught my attention when she was on ER and I was excited to see she had her own show. I knew she could act on ER but you will really see her talent on Haven. When you get to S3E9 – Sarah and see her play not only Audrey but Sarah as well, you’re going to think you’re watching two different people but really are the same person. Confused? Watch all the episodes before getting to S3E9 and you won’t be. Emily’s acting shines elsewhere, it was just really cemented for me in Sarah.

Audrey is an enigma to herself and to us. *shrug* But she’s also a bada** agent detective who helps people with Troubles. She appears to be tough as nails but you can see her vulnerable side when it comes to her past and when she relates to someone with a Trouble. It’s interesting to see how powerful Audrey is because sometimes you’d think she was the Chief and not Nathan by how he listens to her more often than not. But they are partners so maybe we should just call them both chief. 🙂

Like Nathan, I have to say I am always impressed by Audrey’s style. I mean can I just have her wardrobe? She is rocking the coats this season.

Emily/Audrey is the heart and soul of Haven and you’ll enjoying seeing her with not just the regulars but the guest stars as well.

BONUS: The Questions & Answers
There are sooo many questions. Each episode you come out with questions. The good news is that we do get answers over the season. Not all questions are answered but you get enough that we keep coming back. Of course with each answer we get, there seems to be more questions. Sometimes it seems like we’ll never get all the answers but really  the ride makes it worth it.  The season 3 finale left us with a loads of questions. Aren't you lucky that you don't have to wait a year to find out the answers. 😀

So that's it. Kudos to you if you made it through the list. I'd recommend you start watching if you've never watched before or start refreshing your memory. 🙂

Are you planning to hold a marathon? What you're excited to see in the new season? Leave your thoughts below, or just give a thumbs up if you can't wait for Sept. 13th! And if you give a thumbs down…tell me, for why?

Welcome to Haven.
– AJ

For more info:
Haven on Syfy or Haven on Wiki  <—-See how helpful I am. 😉 Didn't even make you google it.

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