Jamaya Moore

Aimee J. Live! – Ep. 20 – Jamaya Moore

After "accidentally" falling in love with makeup, Jamaya Moore decided to leave her career in corporate America to pur

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2015 Post-Academy Awards Wrap-up

Jay Urban is back! Jay and I talk about the Academy Awards. What worked, what didn't, and what surprised us most abou

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Dre Watson

Aimee J. Live! – Ep. 18 – Dre Watson

Dre Watson is a nationally accredited certified personal trainer based in Columbia, Md. He utilizes the confused muscle

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Missy Elliott We Missed You!

Did you watch that Superbowl half-time show?! Did y'all see Missy Elliott come on your screen!!! I was so hyped when I

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anne akhila

Aimee J. Live! – Ep. 17 – Anne Akhila

Anne Akhila is an improviser, actress and dancer.  Before moving to Los Angeles, Anne was a performer with the Baltimor

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Take a Chance

Finally, I can unveil my Take a Chance logo.  If you've listened to my podcast, you will know that my theme for this ye

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