Aimee J. Live! – Ep. 21 – Arista Michelle

Aimee J.. 18th March 2015
arista michelle

Michelle’s dreams have been fulfilled both in her professional career as well as her personal endeavors. Michelle attended the University of Maryland Baltimore County as a Meyerhoff scholar graduating Cum Laude with a Computer Science degree and a minor in Psychology. Though she had a passion for Math and Science, she did not feel that a computer programming career was ideal. She was inspired by a Physics professor at her Alma Mater who once said, “I love my job so much that most days, I cannot believe I get paid to do it.” Upon hearing those words, she graduated and decided to seek a career that would excite her. She landed a temporary position creating web-based training. This job would change the course of her life. For the next seven years, she would go on to hone her skills as an Instructional Designer and become an agent of change at her places of employ, creating online instruction and resources that engage as well as educate.

While Michelle Leon may be a passionate Learning Program Manager at Iron Mountain, Inc., she is so much more. She is a military wife, mother of four, a prolific singer-songwriter, and a self-published author. Michelle began performing in front of audiences at age 9, and began composing at 19. Her music and writing are greatly inspired by her faith. Michelle’s vision is to share and sing the gospel all around the world, and fulfills that vision by serving on various ministries at her church (the worship team, the youth group, and prayer team) and by being a sponsor. She also fulfills that vision in her personal endeavors by continuing to write and perform original compositions, sharing her book “Best News Ever,” and going on international mission trips. In fact, she and her family will be serving in St. Croix this April (2015) with Youth With a Mission. While her accomplishments and talents do not define her, she hopes they will inspire others to live out their calling, too.

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“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” – Michael Jordan

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