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[Originally posted: June 17, 2014] Back in the

Podcasting allows me to connect with people I never would have met before. It is an amazing medium that reaches, educates, and entertains. From the moment I discovered podcasting, I loved the ability to have conversations about varying topics and being able to share those conversations with the world.



There are millions of apps available out there, but there are few app developers who are devoted to creating only apps designed to make life easier – even fewer who make those apps fun to use. I am one of those developers.


Each app I create has been carefully researched and designed to assist in making the lives easier of those who use it, while making them fun and exciting to use.


With a passion for teaching and helping others, I have worked to develop a series of talks designed to keep people safe while navigating the online world of the Internet, in addition to assisting people in chasing their dreams. I want to make sure people have the knowledge to properly protect themselves and their families while surfing the Internet.

And when people are fully aware of the dangers lurking, they are freer to chase the dreams in life they have. I want to encourage everyone to chase their dreams, and have made it a point in my life to help others achieve what they most want in life.