I’m no J.K. Rowling, but I have been known to write an article or two.

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DART is a modern retelling of the DC Comics character Green Arrow. Multi-millionaire playboy Oliver Queen was missing and dead in shipwreck believed seas. It's five years later, after the bow and arrow in their intelligence and master to survive

Aimee J. January 26th, 2017 Read More


With a passion for teaching and helping others, I have worked to develop a series of talks designed to keep people safe while navigating the online world of the Internet, in addition to assisting people in chasing their dreams. I want to make sure people have the knowledge to properly protect themselves and their families while surfing the Internet.
And when people are fully aware of the dangers lurking, they are freer to chase the dreams they have in life. I want to encourage everyone to chase their dreams, and have made it a point in my life to help others achieve what they most want in life.

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Podcasting allows me to connect with people I never would have met before. It is an amazing medium that reaches, educates, and entertains. From the moment I discovered podcasting, I loved the ability to have conversations about varying topics and being able to share those conversations with the world.

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Voice Over

My life behind the mic may have started with podcasting, but it has since grown. I am ready to work with you to voice your next project.


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Work with Me

Feeling stuck? Struggling to move forward? Is your head full of ideas, but you’re not sure about the execution? I can help with that.

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